Cost / Enrollment


How Can I Enroll?

First, we’ll call you to explain our program. Then, we’ll schedule a tour of one of our Family HealthCare Network locations and do a home care assessment.

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How much does FHCN’s PACE cost?

The cost depends on your finances. Most PACE participants receive services at no cost to them. If you have Medi-Cal or a combination of Medicare and Medi-Cal with no share of the cost, then PACE services are at no cost.

If you are eligible for Medicare but not Medi-Cal, you pay Medi-Cal and Medicare Part D premiums. If you do not qualify for Medicare or Medi-Cal, you pay the self-pay rate for PACE.

Family HealthCare Network has year-round enrollment. You can enroll on the first day of the month or disenroll on the last day of the month.