FHCN Experience

Family HealthCare Network presents new members of our team a unique experience to practice in diverse, culturally rich communities. Our location offers individuals and families an opportunity to participate in all that the Golden State has to offer while living in one of the most affordable areas of the entire state.

Serving in Tulare and Kings Counties, our health centers are located in the heart of Central California, and all within a couple of hours from the state’s beautiful foothills, lakes, the Sequoia National Park and the Central Coast. Members of our team are able to enjoy metropolitan experiences from the Bay Area to Southern California while maintaining an affordable cost of living and a presence in the community they serve.

Family HealthCare Network offers new staff members and their families the opportunity to become part of the fabric of the community they serve and the opportunity to provide care in a supportive practice environment. Our provider teams find meaning in providing health care in the Central Valley and at Family HealthCare Network.

We invite you to learn more about the Family HealthCare Network experience below. Take advantage of the cost of living calculator to learn more about the affordability of our service area.

I grew up in the Central Valley. I believe it is a great place to live and work. Working at Family HealthCare Network allows me the opportunity to work with underserved populations, where you can make a difference.
- Christopher Bencomo, MD
Working in the Central Valley and for Family HealthCare Network has been a dream come true. I love going to work knowing I am making a difference in the day to day lives of the people within our community.
- Metaxia Banning, PA-C
I am so happy working for FHCN. I really feel like I am making a difference in this community by providing access to care for patients who would otherwise not be able to be seen.
- Sheena Edmonds, DO
Working in a community health center like Family HealthCare Network is immensely satisfying and gives you an opportunity to facilitate real change in people’s lives. The community is supportive and patients are always grateful for your service.
- Elijah Youseffi, PA-C