Employment Visas

Family HealthCare Network takes pride in having a diverse provider health care team that includes foreign born providers such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, and others.  We consider applicants that require a J-1 Waivers, H-1b visa, and/or are in the process of obtaining permanent residence.

Our Provider Staff Recruiters have a combined 20 years of experience navigating the complex immigration process under the support of an expert immigration attorney. At Family HealthCare Network we are committed to ensuring that the employment and immigration process is accurate and timely to avoid costly delays or interruptions in an individual’s ability to practice in the United States. Family HealthCare Network offers the following assistance:

J-1 Waivers
Family HealthCare Network has experience obtaining J-1 Waiver via the Conrad 30 program or directly through the Department of Health and Human Services.

H-1b Visas
Family HealthCare Network is not subject to the H-1b annual cap, therefore a health care provider’s H-1b visa application may be filed anytime during the year.

Permanent Residence
At Family HealthCare Network, we understand that as a foreign born health care provider your immigration status is important to you. Therefore, under the advice of our expert immigration attorney we will evaluate the best course of action to secure your permanent residence via the Permanent (PERM) or National Interest Waiver (NIW) process.

For more information
Please contact our Provider Staff Recruiters today to review your individual and/or family needs. Our experience and successful track record navigating the complex employment and immigration process will give you peace of mind from your first call to the day you obtain your permanent residence.

Meet our Provider Recruitment Team

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